Florida Bridal & Wedding Expo

August 9, 2020

Sunday 12:30PM - 5:00PM

South Florida Expo Center at The South Florida Fairgrounds

West Palm Beach, FL

Below is the food sampling participant from our previous event.

The new participants will be posted 8 weeks prior to this event.

Food Sampling by:

Sweet Tiers

With an array of praise throughout Florida, those who have had the pleasure of ordering from Sweet Tiers know the unmatched quality and service provided by this layered cake shop. Their wedding cakes transcend food and delve into the world of fine art without ever diminishing flavor. 

With 36 years of improving their craft, it almost feels disrespectful cutting into such a masterfully designed cake... but design is only half the delight -- Sweet Tiers' cakes are known for their mouth-watering and decadent flavors. 

Sweet Tiers' love for what they do is evident in every wedding cake, grooms cake, and dessert table they create. Each perfectly crafted dessert is tailor-made for you and your wedding. Remember to order more than enough! Sweet Tiers customers notoriously ask for "seconds" after tasting their first bite.

For more information, visit https://www.facebook.com/sweettierscakes.2018/